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No Director, No Rehearsal – Inside White Rabbit Red Rabbit

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An Unconventional Broadway Production

Whatever you do, do not Google reviews for White Rabbit Red Rabbit: you would not want to ruin the surprise for yourself. You see, this is no ordinary piece of theatre. When you buy tickets to a show, it’s reasonable to expect a full set, direction, memorized lines by a well-prepared actor who has run the show night in and night out for countless months. But this is no ordinary piece of theatre, and you will find none of those elements at play here.


But it is important to have some sense of what you’re getting into, otherwise you might be apt to bypass the opportunity to see it altogether, and that would be a monumental mistake. Because despite the mystery surrounding the piece – in fact, the playwright suggests that no one should know anything about the show going into it (and that includes the actor) – it promises to be one of the single most unique experiences you will ever have at the theatre.

Here’s what we can tell you without spoiling it: White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a stunningly moving new play for one actor written by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, and the play is equal parts script and social experiment. According to the playwright’s instructions, no one should know what to expect when the actor walks out on stage and pulls the script out of an envelope to read its opening lines: “OK. So I have just opened the envelope. I’ve begun to read, and I have no idea what’s going to happen. You, the audience, might or might not clap at this point.”

Every performance requires a new actor, making for something so startlingly fresh that you are unlikely to see anything that resembles it during this or any other season. The only other thing you absolutely must know is that there is audience participation, so head into it ready to take part in something special. What, exactly, is the story of which you will be a part? You’ll just have to go to find out.

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