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Museum of Sex

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Museum of Sex
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The Museum of Sex strives to collect and preserve the art and adult paraphernalia from the past and present to examine the evolution and cultural implication surrounding sexuality. Art, clothing and costumes, photography, antique sexual inventions and toys abound in the exhibitions, and has tickets to find your love of art for less.  With a permanent collection of over 15,000 art and historical objects, new exhibitions, lecture series, and events, multiple visits to the Museum of Sex is needed to satisfy your curiosity with the history of sex. Tickets to this New York Museum help MoSex’s goal to preserve and collect.  Sexual materials have always been a taboo subject, which makes some the objects and art in the Museum of Sex extraordinarily rare.

Why Museum of Sex?

<strong>Best Known For: </strong>
Sexiest museum in all of New York City 

<strong>Current Exhibitions</strong> 
● Spotlight on the Permanent Collection - Vintage vibrators and anti-masturbation rigs from the 1800s, this collection has it all from historic smut and sexual art to male and female RealDolls (the most natural love doll.) 
● The Sex Lives of Animals - The exhibit has life-sized animal sculptures and photographs of animals embracing their sexual existents to juxtapose it with human behavior. 
● Universe of Desire - Art has gone viral, and MoSex offers a collection of titillating videos, sexts, and online art that’s been circulating the web.

Additional Information

Visitors must be over 18 years old to enter.

<strong>TOUR TIPS</strong>
When you visit, check out their calendar; they hold special events like an open mic night. Also, Ducky Doolittle, author of “Sex with the Lights On,” instructs Pop His Rocket classes and Girl ‘Gasm courses (Additional cost).
They have an extensive research and media library with current art, fiction, and sexology books.  They maintain 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, BETA, VHS and DVD videos.
Visit their store where you’ll find a range of sexually themed products and toys, plus novelty products like Dirty Fortune Cookies with messages like ""Eat me.""
For light bites and original cocktails, the OralFix Café at the Museum of Sex serves aphrodisiacs treats for lust, seduction, virility, and pleasure.

<strong>PLEASE NOTE</strong>
Bags larger than 11’’ x 14’’ must be checked in.
It’s prohibited to use mobile devices in the exhibition area.
Museum hours and admission are subject to change.

<strong>OTHER INFO</strong>
All Galleries are wheelchair accessible and service animals are welcomed.


233 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016