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10 Moments We Need to See in the Live-Action ‘Lion King’ Movie

Category Broadway

|by Marshall W. Mabry IV |

From musical numbers to iconic animated sequences

The Lion King is among Broadway’s longest-running stage spectacles, and features both classic songs from the original animated film and additional numbers that further develop the story’s rich characters. With Simba’s live-action return to the silver screen on the horizon this summer, we’re making our wish list of what we’re most excited to see in this new version, drawing from both the Broadway show and the original film. From “Be Prepared” to “Hakuna Matata” and everything in between, here are the 10 moments we need to see in Disney’s new Lion King.

The cast of ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway (Photo: Joan Marcus)

The cast of ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway (Photo: Joan Marcus)

“Circle of Life”
This is by far the most iconic moment of The Lion King. We got a sneak peek of it in the movie’s trailer, but we need more. “Circle of Life” has to be among the most awe-inspiring opening numbers of all time, so we expect a live-action version to be no less than mind-blowing.

Mufasa and Simba’s Relationship
If the thought of a live-action baby Simba doesn’t melt your heart, we’re not sure what will. The prospect of hearing the legendary James Earl Jones’ voice as Mufasa again sold us on the film even before the trailer premiered. The relationship between this lion and his cub is a special one, and we can’t wait to see it brought to life in live action on screen.

“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”
This is one of the scenes we’re looking forward to the most. The new version of this celebratory number likely won’t be a shot-for-shot recreation of the original, so this scene is where the new filmmakers’ creativity will shine the brightest.

“They Live In You”
This number in the Broadway show is so powerful that it simply must be included in the new movie. In the stage version, this number is the moment that the audience gets to see just how much Mufasa cares about Simba. On top of that, James Earl Jones’ vocals would just make it that much more poignant.

“Be Prepared”
In spite of reports it’s been cut from the live action adaptation, “Be Prepared” is the greatest villain songs of all time, and deserves to be included in the new film. With an actor like Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, this number would be in more-than-capable hands.

“Hakuna Matata”/The Transformation
Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! When The Lion King became a staple of pop culture, so did “Hakuna Matata.” The classic song also acts as the introduction of Adult Simba, who will be played by Donald Glover in the new film.

One question the original movie left unanswered was “What happened to Nala while Simba was away?” This song from the Broadway musical answers it perfectly. Nala will be played by Beyoncé in the new film, and it would be a waste if we didn’t get to hear the Grammy-winning artist sing at least one solo song.

“He Lives In You”
“He Lives in You” is another song in the show that elevates the characters’ journeys. This song is unique in its storytelling, because it begins as a moment between Rafiki and Simba, but quickly becomes the setting for Mufasa’s return, as well Simba’s redemption.

Fight for Pride Rock
Who doesn’t want to see a live-action lion fight? The moment Simba comes back to face his past is arguably the most important part of his story. His fight for the throne – his birthright – heightens the conflict.

Taking the throne
In Simba’s moment in the sun, his journey ends where it first began: on Pride Rock, with his kingdom bearing witness to his return. You couldn’t create a more perfect ending than this for the new film.

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