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The 10 Most Romantic Places to Propose in New York City

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|by Mark Robinson |

Pop the question at one of these iconic NYC locales

New York City can be an exciting place, full of energy and verve, propelling those who visit to drink in all that they can of its plentiful sights and sounds. It can also be a romantic city, a place that inspires the heart. If you are considering “popping the question,” why not save the proposal for a trip to the Big Apple and one of these perfect locales for launching the next step of life’s adventures? 

Here are our top picks for places to propose in New York City (Photo: iStock)

Here are our top picks for places to propose in New York City (Photo: iStock)

On a Boat in Central Park
Rent a boat at Loeb Boathouse and take a romantic excursion on Central Park Lake to create the mood for a memorable proposal. Imagine your loved one’s heart beating with anticipation as the charms of Central Park’s ambiance set the scene for this major life event. Afterwards, maybe take a stroll or carriage ride through the park while holding hands. Save over 10% on City Rambler’s walking tour of Central Park. 

Top of the Empire State Building
Romantic films like An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle have made the top of the Empire State Building a place of romantic allure. Taking the long elevator up to the observation deck might get your jitters going, but don’t have second thoughts. Upon your arrival, you will have a stunning vista of the city, the magical backdrop for inviting your loved one to share a life together. For an extra-romantic touch, you can even opt for the Empire State Building Sunrise Experience.

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry sails its way across New York Harbor, churning the water gracefully as the Statue of Liberty oversees the proceedings. Particularly at sunset, this is a glorious voyage, with golden shimmers reflecting off the water as opal and mauve streaks line the sky (okay, weather pending). But if you do this at the right moment on the right day, you might just set the stage for a spellbinding proposal scenario that will remain etched in your partner’s memory forever. 

Times Square
If a glitzy, memorable proposal surrounded by the bright lights of Broadway is your style for popping the question, consider doing it in the heart of Times Square. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of NYC’s iconic crossroads deter you. The palpable energy and the awe-inspiring setting will make this a proposal your partner is not likely to forget. For extra brownie points, take a stroll on over to Junior’s for a post-proposal slice of cheesecake. 

On the Steps of the Met
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a palatial building, a true castle of sorts amongst many of New York City’s glorious architectural wonders. The steps leading up to the museum have a stately elegance about them, a regal gateway to the great art to which they lead. These steps also make for the perfect dais upon which to propose marriage, especially for those who are trying to create that “larger-than-life” effect. 

For those who are willing to dig deep into their pockets and provide an engagement ring of their partner’s choosing, proposing outside Tiffany’s might be the way to go. Bring your significant other to the famous jewelers, pop the question and then let them pick the ring of their choice. Holly Golightly dreamed of breakfast there, so maybe you can make it a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed proposal, complete with “Moon River” playing in the background? 

The Carousel at Bryant Park
A quaint and charming option that might seem like an unlikely choice, a trip to Bryant Park and a ride on the carousel there will certainly make your intended feel like they are in a fairytale. Imagine setting them up on one of the horses and lifting up an engagement ring as the dizzying ride of the merry-go-round spins you both. It will feel like something out of Snow White or Cinderella

South Street Seaport
South Street Seaport, bookended by the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, and looking out over the East River, offers a beautiful landscape for taking the next step in romantic commitment. This spot is particularly enchanting early in the morning as the sun rises. Watch as the boats drift by and the sun creeps up over the city. 

The Boardwalk at Coney Island
With the water to look out upon, the smells of the delicious food emanating from the stands, and Luna Park creating a cyclorama of color and light in the background, the boardwalk at Coney Island will make your proposal a memorable event. Stroll hand-in-hand down this iconic promenade, and the salty air will give you the invigorating infusion of courage as you bend on one knee and offer a promise of a lifetime of commitment and love. 

By the Fountain at Lincoln Center
There is a special glow about Lincoln Center at nighttime that verges on magical, setting up the perfect scene for dropping down on one knee and popping the question. The best spot to ask your loved one to share a life together? In front of the famous fountain, of course. Consider a night at the opera, ballet, or the latest offering at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre. Then, as you walk back home or to your hotel, pop the question right there in front of the exiting throngs, the spray of the lit fountain creating a magical mist.

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals, The Disney Song Encyclopedia and The Encyclopedia of Television Theme Songs. His forthcoming book, Sitcommentary: The Television Comedies That Changed America, will hit the shelves in October, 2019. He maintains a theater and entertainment blog at

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