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The Top 3 Spots to See the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve

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|by Jane Jourdan |

Here are some of the top viewing spots

New York is home to some of the country’s finest New Year’s Eve traditions, and spending the holiday in the city gives you the unique opportunity to see them in person. What could be more magical than watching the Times Square ball drop at midnight to ring in the New Year? The ball drop is a bit like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, in that most of that action can in fact be seen in the comfort of your home, but if you have the opportunity, nothing beats seeing it in real life! It’s definitely one of the New York bucket list items that is worth checking off, despite the cold and crowds. Bundle up, let the energy of the New Year keep you soaring and plan an epic adventure to the epicenter of New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York’s Times Square. 

Take in the magic of Times Square on New Year’s Eve (Photo: Joe Yates/Unsplash)

Take in the magic of Times Square on New Year’s Eve (Photo: Joe Yates/Unsplash)

Hotels in Times Square
For a pretty high price tag, you can snag an epic view in the comfort of one of the iconic hotels in Times Square. Warmth, a view and good company could make this option ideal. A few of our favorite hotels have amazing views of the ball drop and sell evening event tickets to include a night of food, fun, drinks and more. Be sure to plan ahead and call the hotels to secure your tickets to the festivities. We recommend either the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel or the Knickerbocker Hotel. 

In the Crowds 
If you want to experience the real thing, bundle up, and share the thrill of the countdown with a crowd of hundreds on the streets of Times Square. Make sure to plan where you’d like to be ahead of time, and arrive early as the crowds start to claim their spot mid-afternoon. But be prepared to stick it out through midnight so use the bathroom ahead of time, bring snacks and bundle up. Approximately one million people are in the Times Square area on New Year ’s Eve, so be prepared for the epic masses and buzzing energy of the evening! 

On the Couch 
If you won’t be in NYC this year, tune in to the livestream on to catch a glimpse of the magic. With champagne flutes in hand, cheers to a new year filled with even more joy, laughter and love than the year before! 

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