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6 Mouthwatering Manhattan Breakfast Spots

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|by Mark Robinson |

Featuring elevated versions of the most important meal of the day

Breakfast enthusiasts know that starting your day is more than just about downing a cold bowl of cereal, grabbing a Pop-Tart on the way out the door, or chugging a mug of coffee. Breakfast lovers prefer to settle in and enjoy the tempting cuisine found in the world of omelets, crepes, pastries and, of course, those all-important breakfast meats (did someone say “bacon”?). Fortunately, visitors to Manhattan are in the right city to enjoy a multitude of restaurants offering a mouthwatering array of breakfast fare. Whether you’re in town to take in a Broadway show, see the sites or embark on a culinary tour, here are a few Manhattan breakfast spots to help you jumpstart your day.

Brioche French Toast is just one of the many gourmet breakfasts to be had in Manhattan (Photo: iStock)

Brioche French Toast is just one of the many gourmet breakfasts to be had in Manhattan (Photo: iStock)

Oh, what a slice of heaven you will find at 42 Grove Street, the home of Buvette. The restaurant specializes in a tasty breakfast or brunch in a tasteful, elegance-meets-rustic setting. Start your meal with one of their delicious pastries, including croissants, scones or brioche. Flavorful main courses range from the gooey wonderfulness of their Waffle Sandwich (buttermilk waffle, sunny-side egg, bacon and gruyere), the succulent Jambon Cru (steamed eggs, prosciutto with shaved parmesan) or the robustly flavored Saumon Fume (eggs and smoked salmon with crème fraîche & capers).

For a breakfast that is out-of-the-box from traditional fare, visit Kopitiam, at 51B Canal Street. This Malaysian restaurant may not have the largest breakfast menu, but what they do have is a flavor feast. Malaysian-Style French Toast, Kuih Talam (2 layers pandan & coconut cake), Kuih Dadar (coconut crepe with grated coconut) and Ondeh Ondeh (sweet potato rice cake with palm sugar) are a few of the choices that provide guests with a tropical flavor. Also enjoy a cup of traditional Penang coffee.

Clinton Street Baking Company
If pancakes are calling your name, then you will want to make haste to The Clinton Street Baking Company at 4 Clinton Street. Boasting some of the best pancakes around, a particular standout of their menu is their Pancakes with Warm Maple butter. Also tantalizing are the Brioche French Toast, Crispy Potato Pancakes, The Spanish Scramble and their Eggs Benedict. The Clinton Street Baking Company prides itself on the use of fresh, regionally sourced ingredients. 

Barney Greengrass
Fish for breakfast, you say? Barney Greengrass is the place to find a wide variety of omelet and egg dishes that incorporate seafood to a delicious result. Peruse their menu options and choose from eggs with salmon, eggs with sturgeon, eggs with kippers and onions, eggs with lox, as well as myriad other possibilities. If eggs and fish are not your things, choose from their divine cheese blintzes, heavenly matza brei or scrumptious challah French toast. Barney Greengrass can be found at 541 Amsterdam Avenue.

One of New York’s delicious breakfasts can be enjoyed at 15 West 27th Street, the home of Pondicheri. Indian cuisine at its finest, Pondicheri offers a taste bud treat in their breakfast menu. Choose from stuffed paratha (carrot flatbread filled with potato herb mash served with dal and mango chutney), jaggery coconut pancakes (with almonds, jaggery caramel, fresh fruit and yogurt), dosas (fermented crêpe made with ragi millet, rice & lentils) and masala eggs (scrambled with vegetables, kale and cucumber, served with your choice of carrot paratha, potato cakes or avocado masala). The weekend menu offers additional delights, including Bombay Benedict (toasted brioche with spicy bhaji, pickled hollandaise and poached eggs) and araaam thali (potato curry, herb pooris, dal and okra and your choice of chicken, pork or keema). For flavorful breakfast you won’t forget, try Pondicheri.

For a wide variety of unique breakfast options that are sure to excite the palate, abcV at 38 East 19th Street will want to be on your dining “to-do” list.  How does a sea buckthorn and mango bowl, featuring whipped macadamia milk amaranth, ginger granola, bananas and cape gooseberries sound? What about creamy sweet corn toast, topped with coconut, tomato, black cardamom and garam masala. Perhaps the gluten-free almond pancakes with banana whipped cream and maple syrup would be more to your liking. Of course, you could also partake in some specialty scrambled eggs, or just choose from their menu of vegan pastries. Their menu even includes a variety of shakes for energy. At abcV, your meal will be made from the finest ingredients.

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals, The Disney Song Encyclopedia and The Encyclopedia of Television Theme Songs. His forthcoming book, Sitcommentary: The Television Comedies That Changed America, will hit the shelves in October, 2019. He maintains a theater and entertainment blog at

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