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6 Spots to Savor New York-Style Pizza in Manhattan

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|by Mark Robinson |

Grab a slice, or the whole pie of the Big Apple’s signature dish

Though Chicago will undoubtedly claim the title for the best pizza on the planet, a New Yorker will just as adamantly declare their pizza is supreme. No matter which side of the argument you fall on, a trip to Manhattan just isn’t complete without sampling what the town has to offer in regards to pizza. Every block practically has its own pizza parlor, and you do not have to look too far to find a delicious slice, no matter what neighborhood you are in. Today, we take a look at some great places to get a piece of pizza in the Big Apple, and though these establishments aren’t recommended to the exclusion of others, we know you will be guaranteed to enjoy a meal at any of the following.

Savor a slice of New York’s famous pizza at one of these Manhattan eateries (Photo: iStock)

Savor a slice of New York’s famous pizza at one of these Manhattan eateries (Photo: iStock)

Two Boots Pizza
With locations in the East Village (42 Avenue A), The Upper West Side (2547 Broadway) and a new store opening in the West Village (more details coming soon), Two Boots Pizza is the perfect place to grab an enormous slice of pizza, piled high with generous toppings. Offering traditional fare, as well as a host of cleverly named specialty pizzas, including “A Gathering of the Tribes” (homemade andouille meatballs, Creole chicken, tasso ham, pepperoni and mozzarella), “The Luisaida” (chorizo, fresh garlic, hot pickled peppers and mozzarella) and “The Village Vanguard” (homemade andouille meatballs, fresh basil, ricotta, and mozzarella), Two Boots has a combination guaranteed to delight the most discerning pizza aficionado.

My Pie Pizzeria Romana
If you find the pangs of hunger kicking in while you are near 690 Lexington Avenue or 166 West 72nd Street, visit My Pie Pizzeria Romana. Boasting Rome-style pizza made from 100% natural flour imported from Italy, you can get your standard choices like Margherita and Pepperoni or, if you are feeling slightly more adventurous, My Pie offers up some flavorful and unique topping combinations. The “Potato Gorgonzola” features a delicious mix of potatoes, olive oil, rosemary, gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese. Or, for something a bit spicier, try the “Chicken Buffalo,” which features marinated chicken, spicy buffalo sauce and ranch and topped with mozzarella, will surely tantalize your taste buds.

SottoCasa Pizzeria
One of the most delightful places to stop for a bite in Harlem is at SottoCasa Pizzeria. Found at 227 Lenox Avenue (as well as an additional location on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn), SottoCasa is “nestled at the very bottom of a brick townhouse.” Well reviewed by food critics and customers alike, the restaurant offers a scrumptious array of antipasti, including Barbabietole (roasted beets, apple and whipped goat cheese in dressing) and Tonno e Ceci (chickpeas, tuna, capers, red onions, garlic and lemon/e.v.o.o. dressing). It is, however, their pizza that is the star dish, with almost two-dozen gourmet options. For a classy, sit-down meal, make SottoCasa Pizzeria a stop for dinner.

John’s of Times Square
Ideally located in the heart of the Theater District, John’s of Times Square has become a popular destination for school groups and tourists taking theater trips to the Big Apple. Don’t, however, let its location and affordability scare you away. John’s of Times Square’s pizzas are made-to-order in coal-fired brick ovens with cast iron pans. Though they do not sell slices, your group will certainly enjoy sharing a pie before running off to see a matinee of Oklahoma! or King Kong. John’s of Times Square  can be found at 260 W. 44th Street, right next to the St. James Theatre (the home of Frozen).

Norma Restaurant: Traditional Sicilian Cuisine
At 438 3rd Avenue you’ll find Norma Restaurant, a delicious foray into traditional Sicilian cuisine. Sure, the restaurant is more than just pizza (and truly everything on the menu is worth a sample), but we are talking pizza today and Norma excels at flavorful choices such as Porcini (Fresh Italian porcini mushroom, caciocavallo Ragusano, lardo di colonnata, mozzarella, truffle oil), Ortolana (Eggplant, roasted peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, mozzarella) and Rianata (Fresh candy tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese, oregano). For an elegant experience in pizza dining, Norma Restaurant is a must!

Joe’s Pizza
Joe’s Pizza at 150 East 14th Street is known as a “Greenwich Village Institution.” It also happens to be the perfect place to grab an authentic, traditional slice of New York Style pizza, that giant slice of pie oozing gooey cheese. They have been serving the same authentic recipe for over 40 years, complete with your favorite toppings. For those who like a thicker crust, you can also try their Sicilian pie. No matter what you order, you will be getting a taste of Italian-American tradition by stopping for a slice at Joe’s.

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals, The Disney Song Encyclopedia and The Encyclopedia of Television Theme Songs. He maintains a theater and entertainment blog at

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