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8 Reasons to Beat the Heat at Rosé Mansion This Summer

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|by Amy Sapp |

Sample wines from around the world without ever leaving Manhattan

Need a new way to escape those sweltering East Coast temperatures? Book your ticket to Rosé Mansion in Manhattan, a fresh getaway – styled in the theme of a global airline adventure – that offers you an array of yummy wines to taste while you relax in the cool air conditioning against stunning backdrops that are customized for each leg of the trip. Read on for all of our top reasons to beat the heat at the Rosé Mansion this season.

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Rosé Mansion is a wine lover’s wonderland, located in the heart of Manhattan (Photo: Amy Sapp)

Rosé Mansion is a wine lover’s wonderland, located in the heart of Manhattan (Photo: Amy Sapp)

Sip 8 different types of rosé
Rosé Mansion features 8 types of wine from the vineyards of Spain, Italy, France, California and even New York. As you walk through each room of the Mansion, you’ll uncover fast facts about the history of rosé-making, from grape gathering to final fermentation. Be sure to pace yourself, as “flight attendants” at each stop of your travels will pour you a one-ounce tasting of wine.

Embrace your inner queen like Cleopatra
Along your second stop, you’ll enter the age of Cleopatra, where you can recline in a relaxing chaise lounge before snapping photographs with Egyptian backdrops and hieroglyph-adorned walls. Take your time and put your feet up on one of Cleopatra’s thrones, embracing your true inner royalty.

Learn your tastebuds’ inclination for sweet, semi-sweet, or bitter wine
A quick trip through a candy-inspired, life-sized board game gives you the opportunity to find which type of rosé best matches your preferences – they call it the “Pursuit of Sweetness.” Unsure if you should be reaching for a semi-sweet or bitter wine at your next holiday party? You’ll discover that answer here – then have a chance to sample your answer.

Indulge your sweet tooth with a candy garnish
Have you ever tried a glass of wine with a piece of sweet candy? You should! And you’ll get the opportunity to do just that in the colorful third room of your “flight” through the Rosé Mansion. Take it from us – you’ll want to try a sugary sip.

Stretch out in a bathtub covered in rose petals (really)
Midway through your travels, you will encounter an otherworldly room adorned with pink rose petals, luscious greenery, and – yes – real bathtubs that you can hop into for an Instagram-worthy photo. 

Hop on the chandelier swing
One of the prime photo opportunities at the Rosé Mansion can be found at the chandelier swing, located at the end of your travels through the 90-minute encounter. You won’t want to miss a chance to swing your worries away on a crystal chandelier, making your troubles seem like the (sparkling rosé) bubbles.

Snap selfies in a photo booth
Rosé Mansion offers several unique photo booths, equipped to email your photo, gif or boomerang straight to your inbox. Grab your group and get ready to pose against a backdrop of glitter, palm fronds or mirrors. Don’t worry – you can capture as many moments as you’d like, so there’s no need to get it perfect on the first shot.

Take home a bottle of your favorite rosé
At the end of your journey, you’ll find a bar filled with bottles of the rosé that you tasted through the Mansion that you can purchase and take home. Whether you prefer the sweet and sparkling flavor you sipped at your second stop, or the dry and bitter sampling from your first room, you will find a full bottle of it prepared for purchase. Scoop up your favorite rosé and bring the fun of the Mansion home with you.

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