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8 Summer Packing Essentials for New York City

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|by Amy Sapp |

Backpacks, bottles and more

For newbie travelers to New York, preparation is key. Avoid finding yourselves trapped in unwanted situations, without the likes of hydration or payment for a cab. Peruse our list below of eight items you don’t want to leave your hotel room without on your day trip to the “City that Never Sleeps.”

Make sightseeing in NYC a breeze with these must-bring items (Photo: iStock)

Make sightseeing in NYC a breeze with these must-bring items (Photo: iStock)

Day backpack or purse
For most adventurers, returning back and forth to a hotel room or Airbnb to switch out clothes and items may not be possible – especially for those staying in an outer borough of New York City. For a New York vacation, bring a backpack that can double as a day bag. If you don’t mind the shoulder pain, a large purse that can hold many items may also be used. Whichever pack you choose, make sure that bag zips shut.

Rain jacket
For long days walking through The Metropolitan Museum of Art and snaking through the American Museum of Natural History, lugging around a large umbrella will pose difficulties. In the case of a summer thunderstorm or light shower, keep a foldable rain jacket packed away for the day.

Reusable water bottle
One of the worst ways to spend your vacation is in an emergency room. Don’t let yourself forget to drink water – avoid dehydration! Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up. Keeping your body hydrated and alert will help your days in New York remain fun and jam-packed with activity.

Quick snacks
We all love the quintessential New York hot dog on a toasty summer day. But when you are itching for a snack and no food cart is in sight, make sure you have included a few easy-to-munch snacks in your backpack or purse. Try a granola bar or bag of trail mix for that extra boost of energy.

The concrete jungle receives quite a bit of direct sunlight. With high heat indexes in a city that can be seen best on foot, you do not want to forget to pack a protective sunscreen or lotion with a decent SPF rating. Your skin will thank you! Beware of deceptive clouds; you can still burn without the proper protection.

Physical money
In an age of credit cards, Apple Pay and Venmo, cash seems obsolete. For many establishments and mom-and-pop shops in New York, however, you will need to reach a minimum total in order to pay with a card. In these cases – or when a store only takes cash – make sure to have included at least one twenty dollar bill on your packing list.

Renting a car in the city is not for the faint of heart. Rather than attempt to duke it out with the taxi drivers, pick up a MetroCard upon entering the city. Funds added to this particular card may be used on almost all of New York’s public transportation, including the bus system and the subways.

Comfy walking shoes
Blisters in the boroughs? No, thank you. Avoid painful feet aches by packing comfortable shoes to sightsee and walk through New York’s iconic attractions, from the Empire State Building to each Central Park landmark in between.

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