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Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals, The Disney Song Encyclopedia, and The Encyclopedia of Television Theme Songs. He maintains a theater and entertainment blog at

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  • A St. Patrick’s Day Broadway Playlist

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |March 6, 2019

    Celebrate the luck of the Irish with these showtunes

  • The 6 Best Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

    Category General

    |by Mark Robinson |February 27, 2019

    From parades to pub crawls

  • Off-Broadway to Broadway: 6 Shows That Made the Jump

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 26, 2019

    ‘Be More Chill’ and ‘Hadestown’ aren’t the only hits to do it

  • The Best Ways to Escape the Cold in NYC

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 25, 2019

    A visitor’s guide to keeping warm in the Big Apple

  • Top 6 Musicals to Book Now for Your Spring NYC Visit

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 22, 2019

    Don’t miss out on limited Broadway engagements and more

  • A Broadway Tour of NYC: 10 Iconic Landmarks Featured in Broadway Musicals

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 20, 2019

    See the best of New York through the eyes of the theater

  • A Romantic Comedy Tour of New York City: 8 Filming Locations to Visit

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 13, 2019

    This Valentine’s Day, charm your significant other at these locales

  • The Best Things to Do When It Snows in New York City

    Category General

    |by Mark Robinson |February 11, 2019

    There’s nothing like a snow day in New York City

  • The 5 Most Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in New York City

    Category General

    |by Mark Robinson |February 5, 2019

    Treat your significant other to the best of what NYC has to offer

  • Valentine’s Day on Broadway: An Anti-Love Song Playlist

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |February 4, 2019

    Because Broadway’s anti-love songs can be even better than its love songs