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“Be Our Guest”: Dream Casting Disney’s Upcoming ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Revival

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|by Marshall W. Mabry IV |

Put our casting picks to the test

How do you revive a tale as old as time? With a beautiful production and an incredible cast, of course. It was recently announced that Disney Theatrical Group is already hard at work on a revival of the now-classic musical, which ran for 13 years on Broadway. While dates have yet to be announced, we’ve already started thinking about who we’d cast when our favorite animated Disney characters become “Human Again” in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast. Read on for our top casting picks for the roles of Beast, Belle, Lumiere and more.


Corey Cott, Ashley Park and Corbin Bleu (Photos: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images; Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Corey Cott, Ashley Park and Corbin Bleu (Photos: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images; Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Lumiere: Corbin Bleu and Gavin Lee
To serve as the most flamboyant and faithful member of the Beast’s royal staff, you must be a showman. There are very few performers that exude the level of showmanship needed to play the host with the most. Gavin Lee (a Tony nominee for last season’s SpongeBob) and Corbin Bleu (currently starring in Kiss Me, Kate!) have both proven that they’re able to lead showstopping numbers. With incredible tapping skills and ridiculous stage presence, these performers were born for the role.

Cogsworth: Nathan Lane and James Monroe Iglehart
Known as the most responsible of the Beast’s royal staff, Cogsworth is the one who keeps the show happening! Both Tony winners, Lane and Iglehart are known for their golden voices and charisma, and would bring new life to the role. They’d undoubtedly add an extra shine to the stage in “Be Our Guest.”

Gaston: Timothy Hughes and Charlie Williams
There are only a handful of people that could convincingly sing a line like “We could be the perfect pair, rather like my thighs,” and these two are a part of that group. Charlie Williams and Timothy Hughes are two of the tallest Broadway performers working today, and would be perfect for the role. With the voices and physique for the character, these two are easy to picture as the strapping Gaston. 

The Beast: Joshua Henry and Corey Cott
The Beast is Disney’s most interesting prince. He begins as a prince, then after his poor choices catch up to him, he’s transformed into a monster. That’s already a heavy emotional journey to unpack and act out. Now imagine doing all of that under a ton of Beast makeup, which means you’ve got to have a strong actor in the role. And these are two of the strongest actors in theater right now. Known for their roles in Hamilton, Carousel, Bandstand and Newsies, these are two of the most ridiculously talented actors on Broadway, and could definitely tackle the demanding part. 

Belle: Gizel Jiminez, Ashley Park and Christiani Pitts
“Good morning, Belle!” Belle just might be Disney’s favorite princess to ever hit Broadway. And these three actresses represent three very different but integral parts of who Belle is. Christiani Pitts (currently starring as Ann Darrow in King Kong) is fully representative of Belle’s adventurous side. Gizel Jiminez is Belle’s wide-eyed curiosity. Currently starring as Nessa Rose in Wicked, she’s tapped into this soft but courageous sensibility, which is infectious onstage. Tony nominee Ashley Park, in addition, has proven in past roles (such as Tuptim in The King in I and Gretchen in Mean Girls) that she has the ability to convey the specific emotion of longing, which is perfect for Belle.

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