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Broadway’s Top 5 Favorite Sidekicks

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|by Marshall W. Mabry IV |

These sidekicks steal the show and save the day

Broadway is known for its larger-than-life tales of how the hero saved the day, but who helps him or her slay the dragon? The sidekick! The most important part of any duo is the sidekick. The one who saves the hero, so they can save the day. Sidekicks are the backbone of the pair, and usually the comedic center of the show, so we’ve decided to show some love to the Broadway sidekicks we admire.

'Aladdin' actor Major Attaway, who plays the superstar sidekick, Genie (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

'Aladdin' actor Major Attaway, who plays the superstar sidekick, Genie (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Donkey from Shrek: The Musical
Donkey is unequivocally everyone’s favorite sidekick – and talking donkey, for the matter. When everything is going wrong, Donkey is just the type of sidekick you want in your corner. He’s as quick-witted as they come and comes in handy when you need a travel song to pass the time. Everyone could use a sidekick like him in his or her corner.

Ann Darrow from King Kong: The Musical
This one could work going in either direction! King Kong and Ann Darrow are the perfect duo, because they end up so synced to each other that they save each other without realizing it. Ann becomes Kong’s idea of safety, and vice versa. All they want to do is keep each other safe and what more could you want from a sidekick than safety?

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd
Known as Sweeney Todd’s right-hand woman, Mrs. Lovett is really what makes this devious duo unstoppable together. Known for making “the worst pies in London,” Mrs. Lovett is a sidekick that will never let you down. She’s along for every ride and gory adventure – but only if she gets to serve what remains.

Crutchie from Newsies
The sweetest guy in the rebellion earned his spot on this list. Crutchie touched our hearts in Newsies by simply being the smallest guy with the biggest heart. Though he could barely walk, he had the courage of ten men, and all the faith in the world in his friends. He trusted beyond what he could see, and that’s what makes a sidekick special. He pushed his friends to be wiser and stronger and, because of his willpower, they were.

Genie from Aladdin
You’ve truly never had a friend like him! The larger-than-life sidekick of everyone’s dreams, Genie is possibly the most impressive pal of all time. What’s better than a sidekick with all the powers in the world? A sidekick that would give up his freedom for his friend’s happiness. Genie was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his Aladdin and Jasmine’s safety, and if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes, we don’t know what will. It also doesn’t hurt that he brings the house down with a ten-minute number on how no one’s ever had a friend quite like him.

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