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Dream Casting the ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Movie

Category Broadway

|by Marshall W. Mabry IV |

A 'Dear Evan Hansen' movie is happening, so here are our casting picks

It was recently announced that Dear Evan Hansen would be getting a big screen adaptation. After fans were finished containing their excitement, we were left with several thoughts. Who would play Evan Hansen? Would they choose the latest A-list star? An unknown actor? Someone who has already played the role on Broadway or a tour? Would they bring back Ben Platt? And what about the non-titular characters? We’re rounding up a list of 7 actors who could be perfect for a Dear Evan Hansen movie.

Connor Murphy could be played by Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet (Photos: Matthew Murphy; Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Connor Murphy could be played by Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet (Photos: Matthew Murphy; Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Murphy
When thinking of who fits this role perfectly, we could only imagine a few actors, and Robert was at the top of the list. Much like Iron Man, Dear Evan Hansen would be a new type of film for him, a movie musical. And unlike any other actor, he’d be up for the challenge of telling this story as truthfully as possible. Robert’s charming nature would naturally lend itself to the role and help to create a breathtaking performance.

Timothée Chalamet as Connor Murphy
Though the show is titled Dear Evan Hansen, Connor’s journey is just as important as Evan’s, because their paths are nearly the same. The duality of these characters can only be handled by actors that are truly willing to completely dive into a role. As we’ve seen before in his breakout performance in Call Me By Your Name and, more recently, opposite Steve Carrell in the addiction drama Beautiful Boy, Chalamet is more than willing to jump headfirst into a role.

Darren Criss as Jared Kleinman
Though he’s been playing teenagers for the past decade, we think Darren Criss has what it takes to bring Jared Kleinman to life on film. On top of his Emmys, Darren has Broadway credits to match his talent. He has the timing and the voice of an angel, so let’s get him on board for some role reinvention.

Yara Shahidi as Zoe Murphy
She’s at the top of Hollywood’s “Up Next” list for a very good reason. Though Yara is very different from how audiences might expect to see Zoe, and that might just be what this movie needs. Her infectious smile and bright-eyed joy would only make her arc more compelling.

Rachel Bay Jones as Heidi Hansen
It has to be done; No one else can sing and act this role quite like the actress who originated it on Broadway. The world deserves to see her performance, because “heartbreaking” doesn’t even begin to describe her portrayal of a mother feeling for her son.

Tom Hanks as Larry Murphy
America’s dad as the dad in Dear Evan Hansen: It might take a second to process, but Tom would catapult this movie into a new stratosphere. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? We won’t even mention the chills that would come with seeing him sing “Requiem”; we’ll just let you sit with that thought.

Ben Platt as Evan Hansen
There is only one person that should bring this role to life on the silver screen, and it’s the guy that started it all: Ben Platt. From Evan’s earliest workshops to its Off-Broadway and Broadway premieres, Ben lived and breathed in this role for so long that it was almost second nature. It’s what Broadway wants, and the fans need, so let’s make it happen.

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