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Eating (and Drinking) Your Way Through NYC: 8 Mouthwatering Tours to Try

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|by Mark Robinson |

Here’s a roadmap to the best food and alcohol-centric NYC excursions

Foodie Alert! We all know how you like to explore unique tastes and the best that the culinary world has to offer. New York City is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking out amazing bites and beverages. boasts a wide range of tours and excursions that are guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling as you eat and drink your way through the Big Apple.

Tours focused on pizza, craft cocktails and more abound in NYC (Photo: iStock)

Tours focused on pizza, craft cocktails and more abound in NYC (Photo: iStock)

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour
Pizza comes in many forms, from a gooey slice of New York-style cheese, to a variety of more unique concoctions piled high with endless configurations of toppings. NYC is known for its pizza, and Brooklyn prides itself on having some of the best. A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour will take you to the Big Apple’s historic borough, departing conveniently from Manhattan, for an experience in pizza that will blow your mind. Stop at Grimaldi’s for their round, thin-crust traditional pizza, and partake in a Sicilian-style slice at L and B Spumoni Gardens. A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour is a dream come true for Pizza lovers the world over. 

New York Craft Cocktail Tour
Mixed cocktails are a staple of the New York City drinking culture, and the art of creating these lovely libations has become the signature feature of many bars, restaurants and clubs. The New York Craft Cocktail Tour invites guests to immerse themselves in the cocktail experience, from classic favorites to exciting new concoctions prepared by master mixologists. Along the way, you will learn about the history of drinking in the Big Apple, from prohibition speakeasies to the gangsters who kept the tippling going. Travel throughout NYC’s East Village on this exciting outing offered by Urban Oyster.

Midtown Sites and Bites Tour
What better way to eat your way through New York City than on the Midtown Sites and Bites Tour. This excursion leads guests through wonders of Midtown sightseeing, while taking time to stop some for the great tastes to be found in places like Grand Central Terminal, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. City culinary artisans share some of their tastiest wares while you are given time to shop for more. Experienced guides accompany you, making sure to direct you to the most enjoyable sites and bites. Urban Oyster has curated this exciting visual and culinary experience.

Clipper City Lobster and Beer Lovers Sail
Sailing around the waterways of NYC at sunset is always a breathtaking experience, with the salt air filling your nose and the glittering sites of the Big Apple skyline filling your eyes. The only thing that could make it better is a delicious meal of lobster rolls and unlimited beer. The Clipper City Lobster and Beer Lovers Sail affords you all of the delights mentioned above, with food courtesy of Luke’s Lobster. Whether you are looking for a perfect way to spend an evening, or you just can’t get enough beer and lobster, join the folks on the Clipper City for this unique eating and drinking excursion presented by Manhattan By Sail.

Flatiron History and Food Tour
If you are a foodie and a history lover who wants to learn more about the Big Apple while tending to your cravings for fantastic eats, the Flatiron History and Food Tour was designed with you in mind. The Flatiron and Union Square neighborhoods have an intriguing history of their own, and a tour guide will walk you through the details of their past and architecture. You’ll make occasional stops along the way for gourmet tastings, including breakfast focaccia at Eataly, Mario Batali’s artisanal Italian food emporium. You’ll also visit Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop (for a classic New York pastrami sandwich), Beecher’s Cheese (for a variety of samples), and Breads Bakery (chocolate babka).

A Slice of Brooklyn Chocolate Tour
Temptation abounds with the Slice of Brooklyn Chocolate Tour, a heavenly outing that ignites the senses and makes your wildest confectionary dreams a reality. Jacques Torres Chocolates, The Chocolate Room, Raaka Chocolate, Baked and LI-Lac Chocolates are on your itinerary, chocolatiers who will show you how they spin magic with a talent that would put even Willy Wonka to shame. For the chocoholics of the world, A Slice of Brooklyn Chocolate Tour promises a trip to the borough that your appetite for chocolate will never forget.

Brewed in Brooklyn Tour
Craft beer is a growing industry in the United States, with breweries popping up all over the place and putting their signature spin on refreshing beverages of the alcoholic persuasion. Brooklyn has its share of craft breweries, and the Brewed in Brooklyn Tour is sure to give you an exciting look (and taste) of what’s happening in this arena. Historical, instructional and brimming with tasty samples, this outing is a perfect day for the beer lover who understands that artistry and craftmanship are key to a unique and flavorful glassful.

A Brooklyn Food Tour
Brooklyn really is the place for a sampling of NYC’s most-delicious cuisine, so why not make a day of it, cross the East River, and find out just what all the excitement is about? Williamsburg Bites: A Brooklyn Food Tour features the best of the best. North Side Bakery, a traditional Polish bakery, offers homemade pierogis and pastries. For classic New York-style pizza, you’ll stop at one of the many local eateries that specialize in mouthwatering slices. David Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar, owned by celebrity Master Chef Christina Tosi, promises cereal milk ice cream and bagel bombs. Other stops include Odd Fellows Ice Cream, where such flavors as maple “bacon pecan” or “pretzel” entice, and Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, where, you guessed it, a unique variety of chocolates beckon, with flavors such as coffee, lavender, and sea salt on the menu. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the local flavor, history, architecture and street art of Williamsburg.

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals, The Disney Song Encyclopedia and The Encyclopedia of Television Theme Songs. His latest book, Sitcommentary: The Television Comedies That Changed America, was released on Oct. 15. He maintains a theater and entertainment blog at

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