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My Favorite Song: Sara Bareilles of ‘Waitress’

Category Broadway

|by Jeryl Brunner |

The talented Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter wrote the music and lyrics for the new life-affirming Broadway musical, 'Waitress.' The show stars Jessie Mueller and is inspired by Adrienne Shelly's cherished movie of the same name

I grew up listening to musical theater and performing in musical theater and community theater. The joy of writing the original music and lyrics for Waitress is endless. It has been an incredible journey and a lot of discovery for me stepping into a new medium that is near and dear to my heart. It has actually been a really interesting homecoming for me. So there was so much joy working in a medium that felt familiar in this very wholesome familial way. Then the collaboration has been so deeply satisfying. Coming together and working as part of a team as opposed to a solo artist is deeply satisfying. I’ve learned so much from that as well.

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

The song from a musical that I love is “Someone Else’s Story” from ChessChess was one of the musical soundtracks that I feel madly in love with and discovered very young. Probably at 12 or 13. I had never seen the show but I would listen to that soundtrack over and over again. With that song in particular, what I love is the lyric at the end ––  the turn of phrase: “the trouble is the girl is me.” In a way it’s sort of related to “She Used To Be Mine” in Waitress. It’s talking about the character in third party.

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