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  • Queen of the Night: Redefining Dinner Theater in New York

    Category Dinner Shows

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 21, 2015

    Queen of the Night is redefining dinner theater in New York City. With a lavish theater, compelling story, and a delicious dinner to tie it all together, Queen of the Night is definitely a must see.

  • Inside Look: George Takei

    Category Starring on Broadway

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 17, 2015

    George Takei, famous for his role as Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, is now making his mark on Broadway with a production inspired by his own life experiences as Japanese-American during the War.

  • Odd Birdz: From Israel to New York City

    Category Center Stage

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 14, 2015

    Odd Birdz brings guests an evening of laugh-out-loud sketch comedy with an international edge as these extremely talented performers put on their original production for a second time in New York.

  • 10 Things You Can’t Miss at the Museum of Modern Art

    Category Attractions

    |by Mike Dunphy |August 13, 2015

    MoMA holds one of the largest collections of modern art in the world – but don’t let that overwhelm you. Instead, maximize your visit by following this strategic list of the museum’s 10 must-see works of art

  • Insight: Taye Diggs

    Category Starring on Broadway

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 12, 2015

    Known for his extensive acting for film and television, Taye Diggs is now taking on a new challenge as the leading lady in the Broadway return of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

  • 8 Secrets to Breaking Into Broadway as a Musician

    Category Broadway

    |by Garth Wingfield |August 10, 2015

    The audience can’t see them, but there is a whole team of musicians tucked under the Broadway stage and they’re the best in the business. Here’s how to become one of them

  • Inside Look: Jennifer Hudson

    Category Starring on Broadway

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 5, 2015

    Follow Jennifer Hudson’s dazzling career – from singer and actress to star of Broadway’s The Color Purple.

  • Best in Show for August: Wicked

    Category Best in Show

    |by Jenny Bustance |August 3, 2015

    A tale of enchantment is yours when you watch Wicked — our top recommendation this August!

  • Now Showing: Best August Broadway Shows

    Category Now Showing

    |by Jenny Bustance |July 30, 2015

    With summer quickly winding down, but the heat still lingering, it’s time to catch some of our top picks for the best Broadway shows to see this August. From hilarious comedies, to inspiration songs, you’ll get it all with

  • 8 of Broadway’s Most Unlikely Success Stories

    Category Broadway

    |by Amy Sapp |July 29, 2015

    Not everyone on Broadway dreamed of ending up there. These actors and actresses took very unconventional paths to the big stage, starting out as bankers, gymnasts and even mechanics