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  • 10 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to See ‘Hamilton’

    Category Broadway

    |by Mikey Miller |January 10, 2020

    What are you waiting for?

  • Broadway Q&A: Elizabeth Stanley of ‘Jagged Little Pill’

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |January 9, 2020

    “Because Alanis’ lyrics are so deep and intelligent, I found them very easy to incorporate into a play.” 

  • 10 Stage Veterans Returning to Broadway in 2020

    Category Broadway

    |by Amy Sapp |January 8, 2020

    We're ready to welcome these stars back to the Great White Way

  • Broadway Q&A: Kathryn Gallagher of ‘Jagged Little Pill’

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |January 7, 2020

    “Her music is so honest, truthful and everything I've ever aspired to.” 

  • The 15 Most Highly Anticipated New Broadway Shows of 2020

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |January 3, 2020

    From star-studded plays to brand-new musicals and revivals alike

  • Broadway Q&A: Beth Leavel of ‘It’s Not About Me’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |January 3, 2020

    “I can't wait to say, ‘Oh, Elton, can you plunk out that C for me?’” 

  • What to Do in New York City in January 2020

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |January 2, 2020

    Including BroadwayCon, a food festival and more

  • 10 Unforgettable Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows of the 2010s

    Category Broadway

    |by Ron Fassler |January 2, 2020

    ‘Up In The Cheap Seats’ author Ron Fassler’s favorite theater moments of the decade

  • ShowTickets Q&A: Joel Grey of ‘Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish’

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |January 2, 2020

    “I think that everything you do artistically adds or subtracts from your life. And this was a big addition.”

  • Broadway Q&A: Clinton Greenspan of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |December 31, 2019

    Broadway’s newest Aladdin on how Disney “helped me believe in the freedom of imagination and expression.”