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  • ‘Wicked’ at 15: Dream Casting the Movie of the Broadway Hit

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |October 26, 2018

    Hollywood, take note: here are our top casting picks for the ‘Wicked’ movie

  • Broadway’s Most Sinister Villains

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |October 25, 2018

    The best baddies in showbiz, just in time for Halloween

  • What to Pack for a Fall Trip to NYC

    Category Guide

    |by Jane Jourdan |October 24, 2018

    Plus, what to wear to your Broadway show

  • Musicals You Didn’t Know Were Based on Famous Plays

    Category Broadway

    |by Christopher Caggiano |October 23, 2018

    And 4 unlikely playwrights whose work inspired them

  • Meet the Beast: 5 Mind-Blowing Facts about the Simian Star of ‘King Kong: The Musical’

    Category Broadway

    |by Danielle Moore |October 23, 2018

    At 20 feet tall and 2,500 pounds, Kong is easily the biggest star on Broadway this season


  • Now Opening: 'The Ferryman' Crosses the Ocean

    Category Broadway

    |by Ron Fassler |October 22, 2018

    This West End import, opening Oct. 21st, already boasts 24 five-star reviews

  • Broadway Q&A: Al Roker on Branching out to Broadway

    Category Broadway

    |by Jeryl Brunner |October 22, 2018

    “I thought, ‘Obviously, there must be another Al Roker.’ Forget about a Broadway musical – I have never been in a stage play.”

  • 'Wicked' Turns 15: Elphaba Through the Years

    Category Broadway

    |by Mark Robinson |October 19, 2018

    A look back at 10 of the actresses who have defied gravity

  • The 4 Best Places to Get Your Pumpkin Fix Near Broadway

    Category Broadway

    |by Jane Jourdan |October 18, 2018

    Pumpkin spice and everything nice abound around Broadway

  • 10 Spooktacular Moments We Need to See in 'Hocus Pocus: The Musical'

    Category Broadway

    |by Robert Peterpaul |October 18, 2018

    In honor of the film’s 25th anniversary, here are the moments we’d love to see conjured up on the Great White Way