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Q&A: Broadway Reviewer Iain Armitage, Star of ‘Young Sheldon’

Category Actor Spotlight

|by Jeryl Brunner |

Meet the 9-year-old child genius

Iain Armitage stars as a child Sheldon in the new CBS series Young Sheldon, the prequel to The Big Bang Theory which takes place in 1989. Young Sheldon, which sheds light on the boy genius. is executive produced and narrated by Jim Parsons. Nine-year-old Armitage also appeared in Big Little Lies, The Glass Castle and Our Souls At Night with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. A passionate theatergoer, Armitage reviews theater on his wildly successful YouTube blog, IainLovesTheatre

Broadway lover Iain Armitage, star of 'Young Sheldon' (Photo: Iain Armitage)

Broadway lover Iain Armitage, star of 'Young Sheldon' (Photo: Iain Armitage)

Iain, you are so inspiring. Who inspires you? 
Iain Armitage:
There are so many people in the Broadway community who inspire me. Mr. Lin-Manuel, Miss Glenn Close, Miss Patti Lupone, Miss Christine Ebersole – all these people.

Can you pick one and share why? 
Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the obvious one. He inspires me because he is so kind and can take any situation that is thrown at him.  Anything. He’s an inspiration to all of us, really.

You do so many things. Would you ever want to play in a band? And what band would it be? 
The School of Rock band. It’s such an awesome band. You’re stuck with the pros when you’re in that band. And also, the Beatles! I just love them. Anything they did was amazing.

How did you start to do your theater reviews? 
When I saw my first show, Hairspray, at the Signature Theatre. I just loved it. Then I sent thank yous to all the actors afterward. Then I just started my reviews. I said, I’m going to keep on doing this for every show. And then I did it.

You have seen so many Broadway shows. What was one of the first Broadway shows you saw? 
My very first on Broadway? Leap of Faith. The very first show I ever saw was Hairspray. But it wasn’t on Broadway. It was in Virginia at our home theater, Signature Theatre.  But on Broadway, Leap of Faith was my first show. I was about four. Raúl Esparza is actually my godfather. [Armitage’s father is Tony Award–nominated actor Euan Morton who currently plays King George in Hamilton. His mother is theater producer Lee Armitage.] I thought the show was amazing. I have the poster hanging in my room. Mr. Raúl is amazing. 

And Leslie Odom, Jr. was in the show. 
  Oh my goodness. Yes he was. I can say I knew him when. I knew him way back then.

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