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The 10 Best Doughnut Spots in New York City

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|by Mikey Miller |

In honor of National Doughnut Day on June 7th

This Friday, June 7, as a country, we get to celebrate the round, doughy treat that we know as the doughnut on what has been deemed National Doughnut Day. Many doughnut establishments will be participating in the holiday by offering various promotions. Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, will offer a free doughnut to any customer who buys a beverage. At Duck Donuts, you can get a free bare, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar doughnut. And Krispy Kreme will be giving out a free doughnut to each guest, no purchase necessary. If you’re looking for something special to celebrate the occasion, though, we’ve collected some of our favorite doughnut spots in New York for you to try.

Celebrate National Doughnut Day at these NYC pastry spots (Photo: iStock)

Celebrate National Doughnut Day at these NYC pastry spots (Photo: iStock)

Daily Provisions
Daily Provisions is a Gramercy café that prides itself on having “everything you need throughout the day to dine in or take away.” It boasts a menu that contains sandwiches, salads, rotisserie chicken and even alcohol and beer, but its doughnut offering – an old-fashioned French cruller – is the option that’s sure to take your breath away. The doughnut is made from pâte à choux, a dough that is both lighter and eggier than the dough often used in American doughnut making. The cruller comes in three flavors – maple, cinnamon, and strawberry – and is sure to make you feel like you’re snacking in Paris,

Supermoon Bakehouse
Nestled in the Lower East Side, the Supermoon Bakehouse isn’t your average bakery or doughnut spot. On top of traditional treats, it sells cruffins (croissant-muffins) and sweet croissants, among a variety of tasty pastries. In terms of doughnuts, Supermoon believes in filling every single on of their award-winning, 50% butter brioche doughnuts in the center with various curds, cremes and jams. And you can explore three delectable options: the lavender and honey doughnut, the passionfruit sugar doughnut, and the strawberry, basil and rhubarb doughnut.

This bakery has three locations spread across Manhattan and Brooklyn – one on the Upper West Side, one on the Upper East Side, and one in Fort Greene – and has been featured on various news outlets, including FOX 5, The New York Times, and NBC 4 New York. Although the bakery is known for its artisan wine breads, it has jelly doughnuts that its employees prepare uniquely for each patron. You can select a chocolate-gazed or a sugar-coated doughnut base, and then you get to decide between several jams and jellies derived from fruit preserves from upstate New York.

Underwest Donuts
Earning itself a starring role on the Erika Henningsen (Mean Girls, Les Misérables) episode of’s Side by Side by Susan Blackwell, Underwest Donuts is humbly located inside a car wash in Midtown West. Underwest is known for its classic doughnuts that almost receive the car wash treatment as well, in that they are also maneuvered by a feat of mechanical engineering. A doughnut robot fries and cools each pastry, and you have a multitude of flavors to pick from: cinnamon, espresso bean, coco raspberry, maple waffle, dark chocolate, “carwash” (vanilla and lavender), brown butter, halva, banana milk, coconut lime and lemon poppy.

The Doughnut Project
This doughnut joint in the West Village is exactly what its name sounds like; doughnuts are indee its project. In addition to a few old-fashioned doughnuts, it carries quite a few that may sound strange at first, but are, in fact, incredibly delicious. Stop by The Doughnut Project and experience the “everything” doughnut (yes, an everything bagel in doughnut form), the peanut butter and jelly doughnut, and the “Those Beetz Are Dope House Fav” donut (featuring a beet glaze and filled with a ricotta whip), which won the Fan Favorite Award at the 2016 DonutFest in Williamsburg.

Dough has become a doughnut empire of sorts in New York City. With locations in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Flatiron and the UrbanSpace Vanderbilt and City Kitchen food halls, Dough doughnuts are known for attracting hoards of hungry fans at Smorgasburg and other food festivals. Featuring a menu inspired by Chef Fany Gerson’s Mexican heritage, as well as some European influences, Dough allows you to choose from 39 different yeast doughnut flavors, including eggnog cream, lemon meringue, margarita, cheesecake and Nutella, in addition to a few fluffier cake doughnut options.

Doughnut Plant
Boasting five locations (in Grand Central Terminal, the Lower East Side, Hotel Chelsea, Brooklyn and Queens), Doughnut Plant is “considered the pioneer of the artisanal doughnut.” It uses only high-quality all-natural ingredients, making absolutely everything on its menu from scratch. Doughnut Plant is notable for its incredibly specific seasonal doughnut options (it has even been known to create themed treats for Purim and Mardi Gras); this month’s doughnut is the Pride doughnut, and 5% of sales from the special doughnut will be donated to the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. And you can definitely celebrate National Doughnut Day at Doughnut Plant as well – with any purchase, a customer can get a free mini doughnut with carnival sprinkles.

Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop
This Greenpoint, Brooklyn, establishment allows every patron to relive childhood, going to a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. With a devoted following of daily customers, Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop has been in business for over 62 years. You can hop over there to grab a doughnut before the crack of dawn, for it opens its doors at 4:30 a.m. every weekday morning, 5 a.m. on Saturday and 5:30 a.m. on Sunday. Enjoy an apple crumb doughnut, a marble red velvet cruller, a s’mores doughnut, a toasted coconut doughnut, or any other flavor of their delectable doughnut creations.

Dominique Ansel Bakery
Chef Dominique Ansel is perhaps most famous for being the man who invented the Cronut, and we think that qualifies his bakery as one of the most quintessentially New York places to celebrate your National Doughnut Day. At his self-named bakery in Soho, Chef Ansel sells many types of pastries and desserts, from madeleines to avocado toast ice cream sandwiches to lemon yuzu butter tarts to kiwi sorbet bars. Of course, for National Doughnut Day, though, you’re going to have to indulge in one of his Cronuts, the croissant-doughnut hybrid that was named one of Time’s best inventions of 2013.

The Donut Pub
With stores in the West Village and right off Astor Place, the Donut Pub was established in December 1964 by a Wall Street trader who lost his job. Although doughnuts are very clearly in the title of this establishment, it also specializes in other pastries, as well as non-dessert breakfast and lunch options. But what might be most exciting about this option is that the new Astor Place location features gelato, which you can even get on top of your doughnut.

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