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The 6 Best Broadway Shows for Teens

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|by Marshall W. Mabry IV |

Score some show-stopping points with the teen in your life

Last season was one of the most unprecedented in recent Broadway history, but we made it! From The Band’s Visit being the little show that could at the Tony Awards to fan favorite SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical closing, it has been a season of ups and downs. But we are back this year, with an onslaught of incredible shows ready to open and entertain audiences across Broadway, including several shows likely to appeal to the teen set – a demographic producers are now being taking more seriously as arbiters of taste in theater, as the path to Broadway it bulldozed for Be More Chill can attest. Here are the top Broadway shows, current and upcoming, that will appeal to the adolescent in your life – or, the inner teen in everyone. 

Erika Henningsen as high schooler Cady Heron in 'Mean Girls' (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Erika Henningsen as high schooler Cady Heron in 'Mean Girls' (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Mean Girls
No list of teen-oriented shows on Broadway could exist without mention of Mean Girls, the hit adaptation of Tina Fey’s film of the same name. The show’s score runs the gamut of musical influences – including a tap number for the show’s breakout star, Grey Henson – but it has a strong, radio-friendly pop rock influence that the younger set will certainly appreciate. While the heightened high school popularity power struggles around which the story centers may not exactly be relatable, the show’s zany humor – “You go, Glen Coco!” – definitely will be.  

Dear Evan Hansen
The 2017 Tony award winner for Best Musical, Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a shy high school senior who, with one little lie, turns his whole life upside down. This show gets to the heart of the unprecedented pressures that today’s teens – due to the influence of the internet – can face. With a thoroughly modern yet moving score that includes songs like “Waving Through a Window” and “Only Us,” Dear Evan Hansen is a love letter to the struggles that teens face, and the fact that, even though the mistakes they make at this age can feel insurmountable, they will always have a chance to grow and learn from them.

Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels is a jukebox musical that mixes the music of ‘The Go-Go’s’ with the magic and grandeur of the late renaissance. It’s a hilarious musical comedy that celebrates love and being who you are. This show also has a strong LGBT presence, with one of its stars, Peppermint, being the first trans woman to originate a lead role on Broadway. It is a show that spreads a message of love, acceptance and nonstop ‘80s rock hits.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge is, like Head Over Heels, a jukebox musical – much like its cinematic counterpart of the same. Everyone’s favorite leading man, Aaron Tveit, is set to lead the cast alongside six-time Tony nominee Danny Burstein and Tony winner Karen Olivo. Moulin Rouge is a love story told with pop and hip-hop hits from the past two decades. If you’ve ever wondered what Sia’s Chandelier would look like onstage, you should definitely check this out this show, currently premiering at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, once it hits Broadway.

King Kong: The Musical
The beast comes to Broadway. This season’s King Kong is a long-awaited crowd favorite. King Kong was originally set to open on Broadway in 2013, but ran into some production issues. Now it’s back with a contemporary pop/rock twist, and ready to tell this classic story to audiences of all ages. It stars A Bronx Tale’s Christiani Pitts, as Ann Darrow, the woman that loved the beast. With never-before-seen techniques, King Kong will rise 20 feet above audiences on Broadway, beginning Oct. 9th.

The Prom
In true teen spirit, we have The Prom, fresh off its world premiere production at the Alliance Theatre. This story of a teen that wants to take her girlfriend to prom – who, when met with resistance, decides to protest – is the most modern of all these shows. The Prom shows us the power in your voice and the power in standing up for what you believe in. An all-star cast has been produced for what is to be the most present and socially pressing musical of this coming Broadway season – and one to which teens will surely relate.

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