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The 6 Best Green Desserts to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

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|by Mikey Miller |

Indulge in the city’s finest emerald-colored sweets

Are you headed to New York City this St. Patrick’s Day, and ready to celebrate it like you’ve come straight from the Emerald Isle? In addition to attending the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade (a tradition that precedes the birth of the United States itself), you are going to want to fill your stomach with some of these incredible green treats, which are sure to leave you feeling like you’ve found both a four-leaf clover and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For a dose of green deliciousness, check out the matcha lava cake at Spot Dessert Bar (Photo: Spot Dessert Bar)

For a dose of green deliciousness, check out the matcha lava cake at Spot Dessert Bar (Photo: Spot Dessert Bar)

Green Tea Checkers at Lady M
Boasting six boutiques across Manhattan (in the Upper East Side, Rockefeller Plaza, Bryant Park, NoMad, the World Trade Center and the Plaza Food Hall), Lady M is one of New York’s finest and most refined eateries, selling cakes, crepes, sandwiches and salads of all kinds. To get yourself in the St. Patty’s Day spirit, make sure to try the green tea checkers, a cake with green tea and dark chocolate sponge cake squares woven together with whipped cream and topped off with a matcha-infused white chocolate shell. If you’d like something a little lighter, but just as colorful, try the pistachio or the green tea mille crêpes.

Avocado Ice Cream Toast at Morgenstern’s
Step aside, avocado toast – it’s time for something even bolder (and colder)! Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, located in the Bowery, features avocado ice cream toast on its menu. You can celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with one of Morgenstern’s ice cream standards, this green treat comprised of avocado ice cream spread on toasted Japanese white bread and topped with olive oil, condensed milk and salt.

Azuki Berries Crepe at Eight Turn Crepe
This Brooklyn-based creperie serves savory, salad and sweet crepes, but this ice cream-based one is just bursting with green. The restaurant’s Azuki berries crepe uses green tea gelato as its base and is decorated with strawberries, Azuki beans, Eight Turn’s special whipped yogurt, green tea custard cream, almonds and chocolate Pocky sticks.

Irish Coffee Ring Ding at Ring Ding Bar
What better way to celebrate the Irish holiday than with a ring ding-inspired by a cocktail from the island itself? The Irish coffee ring ding from Tribeca’s Ring Ding Bar featuring coffee-flavored almond pound cake with Irish whiskey and cream filling encased in a Kelly green chocolate coating will have you feeling like you’re rollicking through Ireland’s lush countryside. And if Irish coffee isn’t your thing, the Ring Ding Bar carries two other green ring dings: pistachio raspberry and matcha.

Matcha Lava Cake at Spot Dessert Bar
Want to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with a green dessert that’s just bursting with flavor? With two locations in Noho and one in Korea Town, the Spot Dessert Bar makes a warm dark chocolate cake filled with matcha ganache, which is supplemented with a scoop of its green tea ice cream. And in a similarly colored vein, the bakery also makes a matcha waterfall cake, a soaked matcha cake oozing with matcha custard and fresh whipped cream, topped off with matcha powder.

Matcha White Chocolate Cream Puff at Bibble & Sip
Sensing a pattern about the types of flavors that make great green treats? This Midtown institution works to serve gourmet pastries, coffee and espresso based on Asian flavors. This take on the classic French pastry boasts a white chocolate mousse filling and is topped with craquelin, a type of Belgian brioche which gives the treat its signature green color.

Despite what Kermit the Frog might always sing, with all these incredible treats strewn across New York City, on St. Patrick’s Day, it is most definitely easy being green.


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