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The Funniest Shows on Broadway in 2020

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|by ShowTickets Editors |

The plays and musicals that will have you in stitches this season

We all love to laugh, and Broadway is a great place to get that funny bone tickled. There are currently many Broadway plays and musicals that are guaranteed to have you in stitches, and even more on the way as the season progresses. If you are in the mood for a chuckle, guffaw or a sidesplitting night at the theater, here are some Broadway plays and musicals that are sure to fit the bill. 

The cast of 'Beetlejuice' on Broadway is sure to tickle your funny bone (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

The cast of 'Beetlejuice' on Broadway is sure to tickle your funny bone (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

The Book of Mormon
There must be a reason why The Book of Mormon continues to run after 7 and ½ years on Broadway, and that reason is a tuneful score and its off-color humor. The musical, by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (TV’s South Park) and Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, Frozen), follows two Mormon missionaries as they travel to a remote Ugandan village in an effort to spread their faith. A Tony winner for Best Musical, The Book of Mormon tells a very earnest story with as much humor as can be packed into a Broadway show.

Mean Girls
Tina Fey induced much laughter with her screenplay for the 2004 film Mean Girls, a biting and wry look at the world of high school popularity. Collaborating with composer Jeff Richmond and lyricist Nell Benjamin, Fey has adapted that story for the musical stage. Cady Heron, a generally nice teenage girl, is starting at a new school and she must decide if she wants to have real friends or join the school’s most-popular clique, the nightmarishly exclusive Plastics. For audiences who like an edge to their humor, Mean Girls might just be the comedy for you.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Just saying his name three times is comical in and of itself. Beetlejuice is the funniest show about death on Broadway. Based on Tim Burton’s 1988 film that starred Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Catherine O’Hara, it tells the story of Lydia Dietz, a goth girl who moves into a literal haunted house after she tragically loses her mother, who then harnesses the power of the titular ghost to exact revenge on her seemingly unfeeling father. With self-obsessed phantoms, less-than-bright life coaches, and a larger-than-life snake, almost every line in Beetlejuice is a zinger that might even have you calling his name. But make it to Beetlejuice quickly; it closes on June 6.

Mrs. Doubtfire
may have just closed, leaving Dorothy Michaels in the dust, but Mrs. Doubtfire will reign supreme at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre beginning on March 9. Mrs. Doubtfire is the musical adaptation of the 1993 movie that starred Robin Williams, arguably one of the greatest American comedians to have lived, in the title role, a deadbeat divorced dad who has to impersonate an elderly British housekeeper in order to see his children. The film won a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), and the musical is sure to live up to these hysterical expectations. Featuring Rob McClure (directly from Beetlejuice) as Mrs. Doubtfire herself, the musical version of this now-classic comedy is sure to rank as one of the funniest musicals of all time.

Phone rings, door chimes, in comes Company! Widely regarded as one of composer Stephen Sondheim’s greatest works, Company returns to Broadway for its third revival half a century after it first opened, currently as relevant as ever. Direct from the West End (where the production won four Olivier Awards), this production gender-swaps the leading role of Bobby--now Bobbie--who is trying to reconcile the fact that she is single on her 35th birthday, while all of her friends are somehow (various degrees of) happily married. Company (which earned the Tony for Best Book) is more of an intellectual comedy, and this production, which will begin previews on Mar. 2, at the Jacobs Theatre, will be sure to impress.

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