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The Two Best Times to Visit Times Square and Every Broadway Marquee

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|by Jane Jourdan |

Get your fill of Times Square and Broadway at these magical hours

There are few things better than getting whisked away by the magic of the theater district. Nothing says New York quite like Broadway and being inside the super-sized TV that is Times Square. We’re here to share the most special moments in that half-mile radius. Our secret is Broadway golden hour, which refers to sunrise – yes, actual sunrise – and Broadway’s sunset. Of course, we truly believe there is NEVER a bad time to visit the most magical place in the world, so twirl the streets, blow kisses to Broadway and – in a nod to Hamilton – look “how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

Get a glimpse of Times Square and the theater district at their most glamorous (Photo: Unsplash/Luca Bravo)

Get a glimpse of Times Square and the theater district at their most glamorous (Photo: Unsplash/Luca Bravo)

Between 5am and 7am
For these golden hours, we are throwing it back to auditioning days, when signing up for a non-equity casting call happened between 5 and 6am, and the rest of the morning was left to magic in the theater district. Magic meaning sitting in a full face of makeup with a backpack of promises staring up at the lights of Times Square with the sunrise peeking through 46th Street. Grab a cup of coffee (here are our favorite spots) and soak up those sweet moments before the morning commute shuffles through. You can actually hear the static of energy stirring the entire city awake. Finish your coffee and wind up and down the streets visiting the marquees. We swear they shine brighter at this hour. Do they clean them at night? 


Between 9pm and 11pm
Nothing is more Broadway than visiting the stage door after the show. But stage door hopping…Is that a thing? It should be. We have yet to find a more fun pastime than passing the crowds of people at each show. The excitement is palpable. The screams are loud and electric. We recommend strolling the streets for this hour or so post show and filling up your magic tank. You’re bound to spot a handful of Broadway’s bravest and best in the game. Basically, it’s like high-fiving an Olympic athlete after they cross the finish line.
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