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Everyone knows that New York City has the best pizza on this side of the Atlantic, and any local will tell you that Brooklyn has the best pizza in all of NYC. In fact, Brooklyn pizza is so iconic, that there are other cities in the country that actually pay to import Brooklyn water so that they can make Brooklyn-style pizza. But it can never hold a candle to the real deal. From the round, thin-crust traditional pizza of Grimaldi’s to the square-shaped and saucy Sicillian-style slice of L and B Spumoni Gardens, you are sure to find your favorite pizza. In fact, these two restaurants have been featured globally by everyone from the London Times to the Today Show to the Food Network to Martha Stewart Living, among countless others. On top of the food, you will have the opportunity to learn about the many film, theatre, and show business stories that have come out of Brooklyn and locations of movies shot in the borough. Historic neighborhoods like Brighton Beach will be visited and stories told about everything from the Russian section of Brooklyn to the history of Brooklyn pizza and its Italian birthplace. This iconic tour is a New York City favorite, so snag tickets from to ensure that you don’t miss out on this essential Big Apple experience.

Why Go?

Best Known For: 
Savory, flavor-filled pizza tour

Delicious, delectable and nowhere else in the country will you find pizza as good and as authentic as they make it in Brooklyn. But more than that, the tour is creating buzz on a national level for the way it discusses the history and culture surrounding classic Brooklyn pizzerias. The four-and-a-half hour tour travels to a number of famous Brooklyn landmarks and neighborhoods so that you can enjoy a slice of Brooklyn life while you indulge in A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour with the help of

Additional Information

Tour Schedule:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 11:00AM

Dark Days
Tuesday and Thursday
May 7th, May 14th, July 16th and September 10th

Tour Duration:
4 hours and 30 minutes 

Tour Tips:
Don't load up on New York hot dogs, pretzels bagels, or anything excessive on the day of this trip, because A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour provides two slices of delicious pizza and a soft drink at two legendary pizzerias (already a decent portion of food not to mention what else you might order while on the tour).


137 4th Avenue
New York, NY 10003