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American Museum of Natural History

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American Museum of Natural History 
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Enter the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West, pass the statue of President Theodore Roosevelt, and there, towering above you in the main hall, is one of the most impressive displays of dinosaur anatomy on the planet. Everything about the AMNH exists on a grand scale, which is befitting for an institution whose mission is nothing less than the study of everything in the natural world, including the universe and the taxonomy of all known creatures, living and extinct. The AMNH’s holdings comprise more than 30 million specimens, only a portion of which can be displayed at any one time. You can easily get lost meandering through the massive museum’s 46 permanent exhibition halls, which is a pretty wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

The museum’s displays of ancient fossilized bones are justifiably among its most fabled attractions. Head up to the 4th floor and start your journey through the fossil halls by watching the short orientation film that explains how all the ancient skeletal creatures you are about to see are connected on the evolutionary tree. Walk the progression of species, including the predatory Tyrannosaurus rex, the horned Triceratops, and the looming mammoth. Suspended from the ceiling in the Hall of Vertebrate Origins are the terrifyingly huge jaws of the Carcharodon megalodon, a 10-milllion-year-old ancestor of modern sharks whose mouth could easily encompass several of the awestruck children below. In the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life hangs the museum’s famed blue whale -- 94 feet long, 21,000 pounds, and suspended over the floor by what seems like magic. The Rose Center for Earth and Space takes you on a journey into a different kind of darkness -- the ever-expanding outer reaches of our universe.

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Showing the Wonders of the World, Space and More in this Crown Jewel of New York City’s Museum Scene

There are many reasons to visit the Museum of Natural History, and the top just might be that the Museum of Natural History is one of the best museums in the world. It has won many accolades and awards in its storied history, and visitors are able to leave with significantly more knowledge than when they arrived. The Museum of Natural History holds the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils, and over 600 of them are on display, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has become one of the centers of astrophysics in recent years because of the tireless work of Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the planetarium show he has worked to build is a breathtaking glimpse into the workings of our universe. Whatever interest you might have in science, there’s something for you at the Museum of Natural History. Likely, many somethings.



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General admission allows entry to all 45 permanent exhibit halls and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. 

Museum Plus One tickets include admission to the museum's permanent collections, the Rose Center for Earth and Space plus one special exhibition, IMAX film, or the Hayden Planetarium Space Show. SuperSaver tickets include admission to the museum halls and Rose Center for Earth and Space plus all special exhibitions, IMAX films, and the Hayden Planetarium Space Show.

The American Museum of Natural History is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

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Central Park West at 79th Street
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