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Manhattan by Sail has teamed with Dances of Vice, a New York City nightlife sensation specializing in themed entertainment, for a night of Burlesque entertainment on board the Clipper City. Let your inhibitions flow as freely as the wind in your hair as this two-hour cruise sails around the picturesque New York Harbor.

As you sail past the beautiful Manhattan skyline at night and by such iconic landmarks as the State of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, a fascinating burlesque and variety show unfolds on the ship. Only for adults 21 years of age or older, guests can join in on the fun by dressing in their best 1960s/70s glamour and playing along with the entertainers. A full bar is open, and bar service is also available throughout the 158-foot schooner.

While the burlesque fun is happening, don’t forget to take in the sensational views of the skyline at night on board the Clipper City. Modeled after a pre-Civil War era schooner with plans bought from the Smithsonian, Clipper City was originally built to transfer lumber but was remodeled to accommodate up to 134 passengers. Spacious decks, ample seating and the aforementioned full bar complete the transformation, making for a comfortable sailing experience for everyone on board.

If you are ready for a good time, grab a few friends and hop on board the Clipper City Burlesque Sail today with discounted tickets from!

Why Go?

Best Known For:
A night sail around the New York Harbor with a burlesque and variety show.

If you want to see a different sector of the New York City nightlife scene, just hop on board the Clipper City, a part of the Manhattan by Sail fleet. While you sail the picturesque Hudson waters with the engines off and the sails up, a group of entertainers from Dances of Vice put on a burlesque and variety show for the 134 passengers on board. Dress up and join on or just sit back and enjoy the show, which is just as captivating as the Manhattan skyline at night!

Additional Information

1960-70s Glamour, Femme Fatale, Secret Agent, Mod, Villain Chic, etc.

This cruise is for adults ages 21+

Two Hours

Battery Park

Guests must call Manhattan by Sail to confirm their sail at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Information will be provided on voucher received once purchased.


Battery Park, Slip 2
New York, NY 10004