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A visit to New York City will never be complete without seeing Lady Liberty in person. has discount tour tickets for a unique take on this visit from Walks of New York and their Twisted Statue Tour. Did you know a ferry sank, killing 400? Did you know the possible culprit was a giant squid? Walks of New York tours bring you these unique stories and more entertainment on their Twisted Statue Tour.

Starting from Battery Park and traveling to Liberty Island, you will hear plenty of outlandish tales about Lower Manhattan, Liberty Island, and the history of the Statue of Liberty. Once you arrive, you will get to visit under the skirt of Lady Liberty and find out how she was made. You’ll also learn plenty of other tidbits including the origins of her torch, her actual creation, and the cost of her pedestal. You can enjoy this and more with discount tickets from the Twisted Statue Tour from Walks of New York. 


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Learn the unique, funny, and untold history of the Statue of Liberty on the Twisted Statue Tour

Walks of New York is not your run-of-the-mill tour guide. They bring unique stories and history to the famous icons you know today including Lady Liberty herself. Did you know a giant squid may have caused the sinking of a New York ferry? Have you heard the story behind the iconic torch? Learn this and more with discount tickets for the Twisted Statue Tour from Walks of New York, available on!

Additional Information

Tour Duration: 
3 hours 

Age Restrictions:
This tour may not be suitable for young children under the age of 13.

Please Note: Please be aware that upon arrival at Liberty Island, if you are carrying a backpack or large bag/s, you are required to put your bag/s into a locker which costs $0.25 only. Clients MUST have a quarter and cannot use a dime and a nickle for example.


22 Battery Place
New York, NY 10004