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In the spring of 1994, The New York Times wrote about an Off-Broadway show of so-called "percussive dance" that had taken New York's theater world by storm. The paper called Stomp "exuberant," resulting in "delighted audiences" and "rave reviews." The show's producers predicted it had legs to stay at the East Village's Orpheum Theatre for at least a few more months.

Over 20 years later, Stomp is still marching to the beat of its own unconventional drum at the Orpheum, delighting audiences from all over the world with its eclectic method of making music with everyday household objects. Having racked up both Obie and Drama Desk Awards, Stomp has enjoyed a long run and such immense popularity, at least in part because of the universality of its message (which is conveyed wordlessly and without a traditional plot). Who needs a symphony orchestra when you have buckets, pans, toothpicks and broomsticks at your disposal?

Entering the Orpheum Theatre is like entering a stage set or a junkyard. Every inch of the space is plastered with streetlights, hubcaps, subway signs, car fenders, mannequins and scrap metal of all stripes – all ordinary objects that come to life in the hands of Stomp's immensely talented performers, who also display an impressive capacity for physical comedy. A move as subtle as a hip shake or an arched eyebrow sends the audience into fits of laughter. 

Why Go?

The show begins with the simple sweep of a broom. A performer, dressed like a janitor, "cleans" the stage with a simple rhythm. He is joined by additional performers, all bearing brooms, and the sweeping sounds build and grow into a throbbing and pulsating rhythm that grows to command the space. The sweeps, beats, bangs, cracks, crashes, shakes, claps and snaps continue for an hour and 45 minutes as the performers blend percussion with dance, stomping out rhythms with everything from a simple book of safety matches to modified garbage-can monster-shoes.

Best Known For:
Each act features similarly non-traditional instruments: one scene with Zippo lighters casts a quiet, hypnotic spell; another uses newspapers to create a hilarious play-within-a-play. And just when you might think that the performers are using everything but the kitchen sink for their merry music-making – out come some kitchen sinks, which the performers bang on with abandon. Stomp’s energy and excitement is contagious and the beat stays with you long after you leave the theater, transforming the city into a grand urban symphony. It might even leave you pondering: Who needs the Philharmonic when you have Stomp

The cast dresses like hip construction workers: tattered jeans and worn-down tees, scuffed work boots with electrical tape wound around the toes. There is no dialogue, but threads of dance, comedy, and sound are woven together to create a narrative of sorts. Each performer conveys their own personality trait – some cast members are serious, others are playful, but all of them engage and interact with the audience in different ways. 

Additional Information

1 hour and 45 minutes

Children no younger than 5 can attend and must have a ticket to see STOMP.

Audience members arriving late will be seating at appropriate times during the show.
No cameras, video or audio recording equipment is allowed in the auditorium.

There are steps leading into the theater but wheelchair seating is available.


126 Second Ave
New York, NY 10003