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The Amazing Max - New York - 4

The Amazing Max

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The Amazing Max (aka Max Darwin) makes his return to New York City with his magic show, The Amazing Max. In this wacky, high-energy performance, Max’s miraculous magic hands make eggs, coins, cards and handkerchiefs disappear and reappear in the oddest of places, and his inventive approach to prestidigitation will leave you shaking your head in awe -- how did THAT get THERE? This is old-school conjuring at its best, performed by an expert magician who knows his stuff and who doesn’t need fancy lights, fog or a glamorous outfit to get it done. Just a guy and a top hat... and a box of interesting things!

This interactive show is built on audience participation. Yep, the truly amazing thing about Max is his easy demeanor with kids, who, picked from the audience at random (really!), act as his assistants throughout the show. 

Why Go?

Max's tricks maximize the kids' participation, helping them feel like a part of the action without scaring them. What's more, Max never condescends -- his winks and nods to the adults in the audience are as friendly and warm as can be.

Best known for:
The show also contains just enough of the kind of mild "grody" humor kids love, and our guess is most kids will leave not only wanting to be a magician but also wanting to be best friends with Max himself, a truly likeable fellow. The Amazing Max is a show that will amuse, awe and inspire everyone, from young to old.

The Amazing Max has been performing magic since the age of 5; he spent his childhood traveling around the United States with his parents, professional street performers who specialized in clowning, mime, juggling and, of course, magic! 

Additional Information

  • The Amazing Max has a running time of 60 minutes with no intermission.
  • This show is recommended for anyone over the age of 3.
  • Have a stroller? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of space to park it in the theater’s foyer.
  • Wheelchair seating is available.
  • You’ll want to grab your tickets fast for this very popular show.


152 W 71st St
New York, NY 10023